Craven SPORT services specializes in the holistic treatment of a range of health concerns and injuries. By incorporating physiotherapy and training alongside dietician services, diagnostic ultrasound, mental training, and massage, you will gain access to the specialists you need to address your whole health.

Our team is experienced and confident working with a full range of clients. We focus on your individual lifestyle and fitness goals, working with you one on one to improve your physical and mental wellbeing. Our specialized sports physiotherapy will help you go that extra mile. After visiting our Saskatoon Clinic & Training Centre, you’ll see the difference.


Our Vision:

Our vision is to provide state of the art health and wellness services of the highest quality, empowering both individuals and companies to become avid health consumers responsible for their wellbeing and fulfillment. Guided by integrity, life-long learning, and a commitment to comprehensive health care, we provide evidence-based service tailored to our clients’ needs. We strive to continually expand our knowledge of health, while empowering our clients to do the same.


Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide our clients with personalized expert health care in the fields of sport physiotherapy, orthopedic rehabilitation, training, and employee health and wellness programming. Through our knowledgeable service and extensive program base, our clients gain the skills to make empowered, informed decisions that positively impact their personal health and wellbeing.

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Why BOOK with Craven SPORT services for your appointment?


Our Why:
  • We care
  • We have a sincere interest in your needs
  • We have confidence about our competence and ability to provide excellent client care
  • We restore pain-free mobility and function to prevent the injury or pain from recurring
  • We help people help themselves across their lifespan: to compete, to be fit, and to be active for life
  • We believe that Exercise is our Medicine


Our How:

We are active listeners:

  • We make sure you feel heard and understood
  • We strive to understand your story and your goals
  • We have open and honest communication with you
  • We believe integrity and honesty are fundamental to our relationships with you


We provide personalized expert health care in the fields of sports physiotherapy, orthopaedic rehabilitation, and training:

  • We evaluate the whole body & whole person to find your why
  • We identify the cause of your pain or problem, and work to eliminate it
  • We create a foundational model of basic movements to improve your performance
  • We build custom treatment programs that will allow a pain-free return to normal activities
  • We are patient specific: your plan of care and strategy are unique to you
  • We have a common approach with our patients delivered by a staff with diversified skills
  • We maintain an appreciation for the psychological, cultural, and social factors that influence you


We are educators:

  • We help you reach an understanding of your injury and what your plan of care will entail
  • We empower you through education and the promotion of self-management of health and wellbeing
  • We empower you to become an avid health consumer responsible for your wellbeing and fulfillment


Your Why:
  • You have the courage to seek hep to improve your health
  • You are motivated to make change
  • You have movement goals you want to achieve
  • You are ready to live a healthy, active life


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