When is the last time you had your body check-up? Most people go to the dentist to get their teeth checked or to the optometrist to get their eyes checked. Let’s not forget our bodies need maintenance too.

TEAM CRAVEN is introduction a Body Tune Up Package. This Package will give you an idea of areas that need improvement and to help give life to your years. Body Tune Up is meant to be an introduction into Personal Health and Fitness, with follow-up available to continue progress.

COST: $200

What is Included:
1) 30 Minute Physiotherapy Assessment
Review Medical history and Orthopedic Scan
Balance Assessment
Body scan to talk about any major underlying pre-existing injuries

2) 60 Minute – Strength and Conditioning
Functional Movement Screen
Fitness Test
Sub-Max Treadmill
Sit and Reach
Grip Strength
Introductory Program Plan
Learn Basic Movement Patterns and Lift
Learn Body Awareness

3) 30 Minute – Dietitian Consultation
An overview on how to enhance your nutrition
60 Minutes – Dietitian Consultation
Full Dietitian Consultation
Additional $50

Handouts/information/forms to be filled out and brought to the first session:
Par-Q, Consent Form, Training Client Questionnaire, Goal Sheet
Food Diary

WHO: All ages are welcome

REGISTER: Call 306-934-2011 OR Email css@cravensportservices.ca

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