Who can benefit from a PHYSIO Bike Fit?

Cyclists of all abilities, from the occasional recreational rider to a competitive cyclist can benefit from a professional PHYSIO Bike Fit at Craven SPORT services.

Do you have any of the following:

1) Are you uncomfortable riding your bike
2) Are you experiencing back, neck, knee, saddle pain during or after biking
3) Are you feeling numbness, tingling or pain in your feet or hands when riding

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you would benefit from a PHYSIO Bike Fit at Craven SPORT services!

A proper bike fit should:

1) Improve comfort on and off the bike
2) Prevent injury
3) Improve performance
4) Get you back on your bike and keep you riding through-out your life

What to expect during your Physio Bike Fit:

– A one on one session with a physiotherapist for 2 hours
– An extensive interview to establish cycling history, goals and past injury history
– A physical assessment of flexibility, range of motion, functional movement patterns and posture on and off the bike
– Video Analysis of riding posture and alignment using Dartfish software.  This provides a dynamic motion analysis of the cyclist to evaluate posture and movement mechanics.
– Pedal Stroke analysis using Perf Pro cycling software while cycling on a Whahoo Kickr trainer
– Adjustments are made to your bike to optimize postion
– Recommendations for new parts may be made to maximize position comfort and performance
– Corrective exercises provided to improve identified limitations during assessment
– Summary of findings
The final set-up ensures that your body is in the best position to maximize comfort and power while remaining injury free!

Cost: $220

To book your PHYSIO Bike Fit Assessment today, contact us at our Saskatoon, SK clinic!



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